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Our Spiral Rabbit Guards and Canes are supplied by the meter (6 per M) and are available in brown or clear and are provided with holes to allow light and air to reach the tender young shoots. They are available in two lengths and are made from PVC, which retains its shape, even in hot weather.

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Spiral Rabbit Guards and Canes provide a versatile solution for plant protection and support. These guards and canes feature strategically designed holes that serve a dual purpose—allowing essential light and air to nourish delicate young shoots. This intentional design enhances the overall health and growth of plants, ensuring they obtain optimal conditions for development.

Crafted from durable PVC, these guards and canes not only endure the rigors of everyday use but also maintain their structural integrity, even in hot weather conditions. The material’s ability to retain its shape guarantees long-lasting reliability, establishing Spiral Rabbit Guards and Canes as a dependable choice for plant enthusiasts and horticulturists alike.

Crucial for safeguarding agricultural and natural ecosystems against a myriad of pests, including rabbits, deer, grey squirrels, feral wild boar, and competition from weeds, effective hedge management is imperative.

Despite being one of our most common and familiar wild animals, rabbits are not native species. They likely were introduced to Britain by the Normans for their meat and fur, as there is no mention of them in the Domesday Book of 1086, and there is no Anglo-Saxon or Celtic word for ‘rabbit.’ The rabbit population has experienced violent fluctuations over the years, with a 67% decline in rural areas since 1995. Nonetheless, rabbits remain the most significant threat to newly planted hedges, emphasizing the importance of robust protection for new plants against this pest.

Additionally, we also supply BN11 Hedging Mix for protecting newly planted hedgerows.


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