British Countryside Farm Hedging - BN11 Scheme

1. What are BN7 and BN11 Grants?

The UK government BN7 and BN11 grants are part of the Countryside Stewardship scheme, which is a government-funded program that supports sustainable land management practices.

  • BN7 Grant: This scheme aims to create continuous hedgerows by filling gaps.
  • BN11 Grant: This grant, focuses on the planting of new hedges.

2. Who is eligible to apply for BN7 and BN11 Grants?

The grants are available to all UK farm and landowners as long as they comply with the specific criteria set out by the government.

Find out more about the BN7 scheme.

Find out more about the BN11 scheme.

3. How do I apply for BN7 or BN11 Grants?


4. What is the funding amount available for BN7 and BN11 Grants?

  • For the BN7 scheme: Countryside Stewardship offers a payment of £17.22 per meter for planted shrub boundaries over 20 meters long, less than 5 meters wide between major woody stems, and primarily composed of 80% native shrubs.
  • For the BN11 scheme: This grant, which focuses on the planting of new hedges, offers a payment rate of £22.97 per meter.  The payment rate applies to the total length of the boundary.

Remember that the information provided here is for general guidance, and it’s essential to refer to the official documentation for the most accurate details regarding BN7 and BN11 Grants.

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