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Stewardship Hedges’ Mission

Stewardship Hedges, supported by incentives from the UK Government, are instrumental in helping farmers and landowners unlock the ecological and financial potential of their properties. Our carefully selected hedging mix is suitable for both the BN7 and BN11 government Countryside Stewardship grants. To further assist our clients, a dedicated team of plant experts is readily available for guidance and support throughout the process.

In addition, we offer spiral rabbit guards and canes for protecting newly planted hedgerows.

What are the benefits?

  • Hawthorn Encourages biodiversity
  • Berries Provides food and habitat for wildlife
  • Bee Increases pollination
  • Water Waves Reduces flood risk
  • CO2 Cloud - Improve Air Quality - BN11 Capture and store carbon

Working with Stewardship Hedges

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  1. Submit Grant Application

    We will soon be offering this service to landowners, but meanwhile you can authorise an agent to do this on your behalf.

  2. Grant Approval

    You receive your Grant Agreement Offer and your agent accepts this within twenty days.

  3. Order Your Plants

    Now that you have the Grant Agreement in place you can proceed to order the necessary plants for your BN11 or BN7 items.

  4. Order Processed

    Your hedging plants will now be lifted from the field, bagged, and put on a pallet for delivery, which will normally be about 2 to 3 weeks from time of ordering.

  5. Grant Payment Claim

    Once planting is complete your agent can now make the grant payment claim.


Hi Jack, Thank you for your email. I have just bought some young trees from you. The quality was very good, especially the root structure – all combined with an excellent service. I will be recommending you to my friends. Thank you.


Thank you all for the amazing support this year. From prompt phone answering through efficient estimating and scheduling to the helpful and kind deliveries on busy roads and narrow lanes across Somerset. I am grateful for your teamwork.


I just wanted to note that all of your staff have been exceptional with the service they have provided us over the last couple of years we have been dealing with them. They tender to our every need and even when there have been a few hiccups along the way it has been rectified swiftly! You have a great team and I just wanted you to know that… but I imagine/hope you know that already!


I would like to thank you all.  I used to work in customer services, and it is very refreshing to receive genuine excellent customer services. Ernie has been so patient with me.  It was extremely helpful that you could schedule us in the first delivery of the day, and your driver even rang me to say he was going to be delayed half an hour when his arrival was easily within the one hour time frame I was expecting. Gold stars for everyone!


Just a quick message to say thank you for the plants – excellent quality and great service.


Just a quick email to say that plants have arrived this morning all in good order and ready to go in tomorrow – Many thanks for a great service.


Thank you for dealing with this so swiftly. The trees are lovely, planted and I’m pleased with everything you have provided and Alex has been exemplary in her support too.


I’d just like to say that Antonia is great. Really fast with replies and super helpful generally. Service level really does make a difference.

Simon G

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Here at Stewardship Hedges, our expert staff offer friendly, specialist assistance on planting and maintenance and can also provide information on the latest Government Grants available.